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Prayer Support and Help are needed
for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine

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In the midst of the war in Ukraine and global uncertainty, we want to thank you for your earnest prayers and support for the suffering people of my home country.  

My name is Michael Cherenkov and i am a senior pastor of Revival Baptist Church. On behalf of our church, I am thanking you for your care and ask you to continue standing firm with Ukraine.

We can’t stop crying about our dear relatives (including my parents and siblings), ministry partners, and friends who stay there under Russian bombs without power, heat, or water.

We urge you to focus all your energies on prayer for those who are suffering:

Our specific prayer is for Ukrainian evangelical churches. They are beacons of hope in these dark times. They continue to faithfully serve the Lord and their people. Let us help them to serve their nation.  Please prayerfully consider partnering with us financially, as together, we can bring Jesus’ love to those in need.

Senior Pastor
Rev. Dr. Mykhailo (Michael) Cherenkov

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Senior Pastor of Revival Baptist Church - Michael Cherenkov

Михаил Черенков

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