About Our Church

Our Senior Pastor

Michael Cherenkov

Michael (Mykhailo) Cherenkov has 20 years of experience in international missions in Eastern Europe and post-Soviet countries as executive director of field ministries, as an educator, and as a board member of different NGOs. Born in Soviet Russia, raised in Ukraine in a family of a former prisoner of conscience, Dr. Cherenkov is the author of several books and the co-author of A Future and a Hope: Mission, Theological Education, and the Transformation of Post-Soviet Society (with Dr. Joshua Searle). He has an MA in History and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies. He is married to Nina and they have four daughters.


# 1

Our Church Mission

Love God and Share His Love

  • We love God’s Word and studying it
  • We love friends, fellowship, and our church family
  • We love the diversity of languages, cultures, and generations
  • We love God’s mission and our participation in it

What does this mean for the practical life of our church?

Although our church started as a Slavic church in the American context, we see it as an international and intercultural church, where people speak different languages and value different traditions. We love the country of our residence and the country of our origin. We believe that the eternal Word of God remains relevant in any context and speaks to all generations, peoples, and cultures.

Although the younger generations predominantly speak English, and the older ones predominantly in Russian and Ukrainian, we want to preserve and develop all these languages to respect the past and care for the future. We love our youth and we love our parents. We value the unity of generations.

Although our church has many different ministries, differing in language and style, we have one united church, which is united by a common vision and leadership. We love both diversity and unity.

Although our main concern is connected with the future of our young generations, we want to be a missionary church, obedient to the Holy Spirit and open to changes. We are ready to serve everyone, near and far, and ready to change in order to fulfill the Great Commission more effectively. We love Jesus, love people, and love being part of God’s mission – both in church service and on missionary trips, and in supporting missionaries and partner churches.

# 2

Our Denominational Affiliation and Statement of Faith

Revival Baptist Church is a member of Pacific Coast Slavic Baptist Association https://pcsba.com and Northwest Baptist Convention https://www.nwbaptist.life

Statement of Faith