Leadership Team

Growing in Faith, Serving in Love

Leadership team of Revival Baptist Church​

Introducing the leadership team of The Revival Baptist Church! Our team is dedicated to fostering a welcoming community of reborn children of God who share and spread love while growing in faith. At our church, people from different nations and languages come together to glorify God and enrich one another with their unique characteristics.

We value the power of teamwork and strive to provide opportunities for all members to learn, grow, and serve together.

Senior Pastor

Michael Cherenkov

Senior Pastor of Revival Baptist Church
Email: michael@myrevival.org
Tel: (564) 208-3172

Youth Pastor

Tim Yelchaninov

Youth Pastor
Email: timyelchaninov@gmail.com
Tel: (360) 521-2939

Senior Deacon

Alexander Adamenko

Senior Deacon​
Email: alex.i.adamenko@gmail.com
Tel: (360) 901-6624

Sunday School Director

Irina Karpenko

Sunday School Director
Email: revivalkids1@gmail.com
Tel: (360) 798-2601


Sergey Galuza

Email: galuzkin@gmail.com
Tel: (503) 819-0926

Worship Director

Sergey Svistunov

Worship Director
Email: sergeysvist@yahoo.com
Tel: (916) 501-4254

Property Manager

Volodymyr Ostapa

Property Manager
Email: vladtomailbox@gmail.com
Tel: (971) 235-8287

Vadim Yakim
Family Ministry Pastor

Vadim Yakim

Evangelism and Missionary Department

Vyacheslav Andrushenko

Tel: (360) 587-7417